What if I told you that I could find you an additional 168 hours a year to work on your goals and dreams without having to sacrifice sleep or family time? It sounds impossible, but once you discover the power of small moments, it becomes clear that we have a better chance in life than we think.

I waste an embarrassing amount of time on social media, and I lie to myself by saying that I am working on the business. But really, I’m just surfing and looking for ideas. It’s not very productive. I also love finding and listening to new music, and sitting and thinking while I do it. My fatal flaw is that I love to think, but because it’s not meditation, it doesn’t do a lot for me. I just like to relax after a long day.

If any of this sounds familiar, you are wasting your life, just as I have done and sometimes still do. It’s so easy to waste our good hours. But if we could focus and pour all of ourselves into something for even 5 or 10 minutes, we can accomplish an incredible amount— a solid post on Instagram or Facebook, fleshing out a new idea, brainstorming ideas, drafting a blog post, social media engagement, responding to customers, or customer acquisition, to name a few things.. It’s only limited by your creativity and drive.

The time is there, but it’s hiding in small moments like our breaks at work, in line at the bank or supermarket, and possibly on your bus rides each day (if you take public transit, you poor soul). If analyze the way you spend your time, you can probably find many free moments.

We spend half of our day at work, and the other waking hours at home. This is when you can spend time with family and friends, but also wind down and have some “me time”. This time is what makes life worth living, but the catch 22 is that in order to escape a life of mediocrity, we have to sacrifice to make it happen. Too often the decision comes down to “Do I work on my goals to get closer to freedom, or do I spend time with my wife/kids/friends/self?”. Balance is hard. Especially when we are tired, hungry, and burned out. Everybody is striving for freedom, but the work must be done.

Utilizing these little caches of free time we don’t even realize are there gives you more opportunity to work towards your goals. Imagine if you could find the time for an extra 30 minutes of work a day. That’s 3.5 hours a week, 14 hours a month, or168 hours a year. That equates to working two full paychecks-worth of hours on your goals per year. That’s just from hustling in those small moments. Once you get into the habit of it, it’s easy.

We can accomplish so much more in our lives if we just try. Our ability to manage time effectively is like a muscle in that we need to train ourselves to develop it. Make the decision. Do the work. Earn your freedom. The time is there.